Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are some advantages of traveling with The Umrah Group?
A: There some notable advantages of traveling with The Umrah Group, some of them are:

We are a service oriented team established to foster a meaningful and educational group experience.

Our Routes are the shortest. We do our best to get you to Madinah in less than 24 hours. We also manage to avoid an additional 6 hour bus ride by flying directly into Madinah and flying out of Jeddah (Makkah), which saves a lot of time and inconvenience.

Our guides are not only trained and experienced in offering an educational experience but they have formal training in Group Dynamics.

Preparing for Umrah (Visa, Baggage & General Questions)

Q: Is the Umrah Visa included in your package?
A: Yes, the Umrah Visa and all handling is included in the package.

Q: Is the $300 deposit refundable?
A: The complete $300 deposit is only refundable 65 days prior to the departure date. Unfortunately after 65 days prior to the departure date the deposit is non-refundable due to airline restrictions.

Q: Who should I make the full payment out to for my Umrah package?
A: Please make all cheque payments payable to Gala Travels Inc.

Q: Can I pay for my trip using a Credit Card?
A: Yes, Alhamdulillah we can accept payment through credit card. There is a merchant fee of 3% for all credit card transactions.

Q: Is the Vaccination against Meningitis included in the package price?
A: No, the vaccination required for Umrah (Meningitis ACWY135) is not included in the package price. You must purchase it from your local pharmacy and have a doctor inject it for you.

Q: How Much should I pack?
A: It varies from person to person, however the less the better. More descriptive details will be provided in our Umrah seminar.

Q: I’m a single female can I perform Umrah with the Umrah group?
A: Ladies have to be 45 years old and above travelling in a group with three other ladies traveling alone. They will need notarized permission letters from their mahrams allowing them to travel with the group leader with the mahrams photo ID and proof of relationship in addition to the other documents.

Q: Where Can I buy my Ihram ?
A: Ihram cloth can be purchased from your local Islamic Book Store. Before going for Umrah we generally arrive in Madinah first, where it can be easily purchased, this allows for less luggage during travel.

Q: Will I be taught how to perform Umrah before I leave?
A: Aside from all the free material and guides on our website, we will go over the procedure of Umrah in our Umrah seminar before we depart.

Q: If I submit my application after the trip deadline, will I be peanalized?
A: Unfortunately all applications submitted after deadline date are subject to a 10% late processing surcharge.

Q: Can I purchase travel Insurance? Does the umrah group offer travel Insurance?
A: Yes, we do offer travel Insurance. Please email us to get a quote for your trip.

During Umrah

Q: Do I have to make my own arrangements while in Makkah and Madinah?
A: We have taken care of all of the other group travel arrangements, that being:

1- Flights
2- hotel (Canadian standards) in Madinah with breakfeast
3- Bus tour in Madinah (Mercedes coach)
4- Madinah to Makkah (Mercedes coach)
5- hotel (Canadian standards) in Makkah with breakfeast
6- Makkah to Jeddah airport (Mercedes coach)
7- Flight back to your home destination

You have to cover your lunch and dinner. More details will be provided during the Umrah seminar.

Some more questions

Q: How far are the hotels in Makkah and Madinah ?
A: Our hotels are good quality and a maximum 5 mins walk from both Harams.

Q: What if I don’t know how to perform Umrah?
A: InshAllah the Imam will be there to guide you if the Umrah seminar is not enough. Please click here for a guide on how to perform Umrah.

Q: Will we perform Umrah as a group?
A: Yes, inshAllah we will perform the first Umrah as a group.

Q: Can I deviate from the group and go my own way?
A: We have crafted a system that will allow you to be autonomous while still being part of the group. Just remember there will be times when the coach will not wait.

Q: When in Makkah & Madinah is there any additional expense?
A: The only expense to you during your stay will be your lunch and dinner/snacks.

Side Trips (After performing Umrah)

Q: Are side trips included in the package price ?
A: No, a side trip is considered outside of the Umrah package. Therefore, it will cost you additional. You may contact us to get a Quote.

Q: Can I visit any country before going for Umrah?
A: We have to arrive in Madinah as one group.